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Become a Convurgent Author

We are actively soliciting book proposals on a wide range of healthcare operations and information technology related topics. Topics of interest include, leadership, financial management, information management, health services management, quality and safety, clinical transformation, revenue cycle management, business intelligence, physician integration/affiliation and others.

Submitting Your Proposal

Your proposal should include:
  • A working title and all authors' names, street addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  • A clear statement of the subject matter, including your approach and reason for writing.
  • A detailed outline, including chapter titles and chapter subheads, with accompanying prose as you see fit.
  • A description of the book's primary and secondary audience.
  • An assessment of the book's position in the market, including a list of and comparisons to competing titles. When compared to already-published books, tell us how you think your book will be different from or better than the competition.
  • A description of the key features and benefits. If you are writing a textbook, detail the pedagogical features (for example, case studies, special-feature boxes, discussion questions, or chapter summaries) that will be included.
  • An estimate of the number of pages and words (use 8 1/2 x 11, double-spaced manuscript pages as a guide).
  • One or more sample chapters. Chapters other than the first introductory chapter(s) often are more representative of your style.
  • A CV or resume for each author.
  • An estimated date or time frame for your completion.
The Review Process

Your proposal will be reviewed internally by the editorial advisory board. These reviewers are experts in the field of interest related to your book idea. In general, we ask reviewers to assess whether the book proposal is of current interest; whether the outline covers all important facets of the topic in a logical sequence; and whether the writing style, level of detail, and frame of reference are appropriate for the intended audience. Frequently, reviewers will provide ideas and suggestions that can help you develop the manuscript. Based on feedback from the reviews, we will decide whether to proceed with the proposal and enter into a publishing agreement with you.

Submit Your Proposal to:

Convurgent Publishing
Submissions Editor
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