Convurgent Publishing is focused on the publication of textbooks related to a wide range of healthcare topics. Convurgent authors are often tenured healthcare leaders with key positions in hospitals, physician practices and healthcare payer organizations.

Convurgent also provides professional ghost writers to help you get your project written. Our writers can help with the publication of books, journal articles, blogs and a variety of other writing projects.

Our editorial board is comprised of healthcare executives across a broad spectrum of the industry including representatives from health systems, community hospitals, physician practices, pharmaceutical manufacturers and insurers.

Publishing Services
  1. Pre-publication Duties / Functions
    1. Format the manuscript for book publication.
      1. Determine best size for the book with the authors.
    2. Secure an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).
    3. Evaluate "print-on-demand" service provider options.
    4. Secure a Pre Assigned Control Number (PCN) from the Library of Congress.
    5. Identify a graphic artist to prepare a cover.
    6. Work with the author(s) on finalizing of the book cover.
    7. Secure and coordinate book manufacturing for print on demand service on the final manuscript.
    8. Dedicate a professional copy editor to complete two complete passes at the manuscript.
    9. Provide authors with "proof copy of the book" to review and provide final edits back to professional copy editor.
    10. Book pricing analysis - scan current market of related books to determine and set list price with the authors/client.
    11. Discount program - establish plan for quantity purchase discounts with authors/client.
    12. OPTIONAL - provide interior topic/concept illustration design service if needed.

  2. Post-publication Duties / Functions
    1. Prepare the manuscript for e-Readers (e.g. Amazon Kindle) if desired by authors.
    2. Market the publication through a variety of marketing initiatives and channels as appropriate, some examples include:
      1. Contacting healthcare-centric professional organizations
      2. Getting book listed on Amazon
      3. Contacting industry conferences
      4. Working to market book through Baker & Taylor (national book distribution service) for getting access to libraries, universities and academic medical centers.
      5. Media, including press release vi. Coordinate book signings
    3. Mailing of 50 courtesy copies of new book to VIPs identified by author/client
    4. OPTIONAL - order hard cover upgrade for book if desired by authors - orders can only be placed through Convurgent Publishing (or print-on-demand service).
    5. Secure official copyright through US Copyright Office.
    6. Provide regular updates to authors on sales
    7. Serve as permanent clearinghouse for receipt of royalty payments from book manufacturer and provide regular royalty payments to authors based on agreement.
Ghost Writing Services

Convurgent also provides ghost writing services. You have a great idea for a book, but you can't quite portray exactly what you would like to say or simply may not have the time to invest in writing. Convurgent ghost writers are skilled in writing for various professional industries, as well as utilizing different writing styles. You can work with a ghost writer to produce:
  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Journal Articles
  • Professional Bio's
  • Award Applications
Allow us to assist you in developing your ideas or supply the originality you need to complete your project with our professional writing services.

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