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We are actively soliciting book proposals on a wide range of healthcare operations and information technology related topics. Topics of interest include, leadership, financial management, information management, health services management, quality and safety, clinical transformation, revenue cycle management, business intelligence, physician integration/affiliation and others.

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ONC_HealthIT: ONC’s @HealthIT_Policy tweeted it best: “The #Interoperability truth is out there. Prove it. Join in & add your wor…

12/17/17 11:46 am

ONC_HealthIT: Check out ONC’s #YouTube page featuring videos that explain #HealthIT at: #HealthLiteracy #DigitalHealth

12/17/17 8:39 am

ONC_HealthIT: Interested in reading more about #HealthIT policy? Check out @Policy2Progress’ blog posts:…

12/17/17 5:39 am

ONC_HealthIT: .@HealthIT_Policy announces Payer-Provider (P2) #FHIR🔥 Taskforce at #ONC2017. Learn more about participating by ema…

12/16/17 1:30 pm

ONC_HealthIT: Be the first to know about #standards & #certification program updates by subscribing to ONC’s weekly email update:…

12/16/17 9:37 am

ONC_HealthIT: #HealthIT Playbook Update: #BehavioralHealth chapter features an educational module for behavioral health provider…

12/16/17 7:36 am

ONC_HealthIT: Join ONC’s #HealthIT and #EHRs #LinkedIn Community of 16,000+ members at: #DigitalHealth

12/15/17 2:38 pm

ONC_HealthIT: .@ag1 reflects on the progress #healthIT has made in responding to disasters in the latest ONC Buzz Blog post avail…

12/15/17 1:32 pm

ONC_HealthIT: Read about ONC’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Thomas Mason:

12/15/17 1:02 pm

ONC_HealthIT: #ONC2017 Plenerary Session Recordings are available to wach at: #HealthIT

12/15/17 12:27 pm