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U.S. looking past Ebola to prepare for next outbreak
The next Ebola or the next SARS. Maybe even the next HIV. Even before the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is brought under control, public health officials are girding for the next health disaster.

White House wants to boost multistate insurance plans sold on exchanges
The Obama administration is proposing regulatory changes that it hopes will attract insurers that have been hesitant to offer multistate plans on the health insurance exchanges.

Republicans file their suit against the Affordable Care Act
The lawsuit, filed against the secretaries of HHS and the U.S. Treasury, contests President Barack Obama's decision to waive the healthcare law's employer mandate and the penalties for failing to comply with it without first receiving congressional...

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ONC_HealthIT: Tomorrow at noon (EDT), tune in for the #HITPC Advanced Health Models and Meaningful Use WG. Details --->

11/19/14 1:30 pm

ONC_HealthIT: RT @LeilaSamy: Gr8 agenda in Ankeny IA! Transforming Safety/Health in the Heartland @iowafarmertoday @iowahospital

11/19/14 11:44 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @mayauppaluru: Save the date for our next #ONC G+ Hangout on Identity Management for health IT Dec 18 at 2pm ET!

11/19/14 11:43 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @pashva: Public health is a champion of health informatics, but more support is needed @KBDeSalvo #AMIA2014

11/19/14 10:19 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @pashva: Calling on pharmacies to join #BlueButton @KBDeSalvo #AMIA2014

11/19/14 10:17 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @pashva: @KBDeSalvo is accountable to all to protect patient data #AMIA2014

11/19/14 10:14 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @SavageLucia: @KBDeSalvo: Consumers are hungry to have their data available when they arrive for care Yes! @CPeHealth #AMIA2014 #healthIT

11/19/14 9:58 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @pashva: The world has moved since 2009 & #ONC should coordinate and health and beyond #MU. @KBDeSalvo #AMIA2014

11/19/14 9:57 am

ONC_HealthIT: MT @SavageLucia: Yes @KBDeSalvon happy to be helping look beyond the trees and see what's coming.#AMIA2014 #healthIT #futurehealth

11/19/14 9:51 am

ONC_HealthIT: MT @pashva: Growing pains for #healthIT can be addressed to improve patient health @KBDeSalvo #AMIA2014

11/19/14 9:49 am